Who we are.

               CrossFit FIF, stands for CrossFit Fitness Isn't Free.  The concept behind Fitness Isn't Free is simple; our journey in fitness is a struggle, and that struggle is different for everyone.  It's not just the monetary value of what we pay for a membership, but physically and mentally we push ourselves to attain our goals, we all put some amount of blood, sweat, or tears in order to reach those goals that we set for ourselves.  Most importantly, we are in it together.  As coaches and as athletes, we want the best for each and everyone of us because that's what we deserve.  So let us be the first to say that we sincerely understand the endless types of struggles that we all must endure to get to where we want to be.  We are a CrossFit facility that is about making a difference in people’s lives.  We opened our doors in order to provide a service that we truly believe in, which is helping people. Our background as staff is broad and extensive, ranging from competitive athletes, military backgrounds, and of course, plenty of CrossFit knowledge.  We are passionate about what we provide and take pride in the progress of our members.  The way we measure our worth is by the progress of our athletes, in and out of the gym.

What we’re about.

               We are about seeing others succeed.  Our members’ goals vary in degree, not in orientation.  Everybody is here in order to get healthier and become happier, but that means completely different things from person to person.  Some members are weight loss driven, others want to gain weight, some are here to become competitive athletes, while a few want to keep up with their grandchildren without having aches and pains.  Regardless of your reasoning, we are here to help.

When does training happen.

               Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.  We take pride in being open on days when everyone else closes, having hours from sun up to sun down.  We understand your schedule can be crazy, so we make sure to be here as often as possible for you to train.  The biggest fact to remember though, if you’re walking in the doors the results from training doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process, takes time, dedication, a little bit of humility, hard work, but at the end of the day we are still going to be here with you along that journey.   

Why CrossFit FIF

               With literally thousands of CrossFit facilities in the world, and multiple facilities in the Kansas City area alone, it’s understandable to ask why our gym over another.  Simply put, we care about the person who walks in our doors from day one.  We become personally invested in our members and your goals.  If you miss class, if you’re not attaining your goals in a reasonable timeframe, or if you’re having a bad day at work, we are here to help.  Creating an environment that is critical to success is one of the most important features we provide, and you’ll see that from day one.

Where are we located.

               We’re located in the heart of Kansas City, MO.  Sitting just north of the river, we are conveniently located just south of 169 off Vivian Rd.  Our facility is roughly a 5 minute drive from downtown KC and 10 minutes from the Zona Rosa area. We are tucked away in a warehouse building that provides plenty of parking and no through traffic except for a few tenants in adjoining units.

How do you get started.

               You can contact us by phone, E-mail, Facebook, or even stopping on by during business hours.  From there we’ll set up an On-Ramp class (Introduction class) or a test out (available for previous CrossFit experienced athletes) date.  After setting up your class date you’ll come in and begin your fitness journey and whatever road you choose to take to get there.