CrossFit -

You will begin class with a instructor led warm-up.  The next 20-30 minutes will generally focus on a barbell lift or skill movement (gymnastic based skills include most bodyweight movements).  This is the time where we will fine tune your abilities, while focusing on higher progressions of movements. Finally you will have a WOD or Workout Of the Day, this WOD will be GPP (General Physical Preparedness).  What this means is you will have a workout that varies day to day, mixing in weightlifting movements, gymnastic skills, and metabolic conditioning.  We will continuously change the workouts on a daily basis in order to give you a fun, exciting, and yet effective training program where your body won't plateau doing the same thing day after day!

Morning Bootcamp -

This is a great way to get your day started!  If you’re looking to just get a quick sweat in before work then this is the class to come to.  This is only a half hour class and is perfect for members of all levels, no experience required!

Partner WOD -

Our partner WOD’s on Saturdays will follow the same format as our standard hour long class.  In this workout you will partner up; you can either bring a guest for free or partner up with someone who showed up by themselves!  The workout load is split between the two of you to give that extra fun factor!

On-Ramp -

The On-Ramp class is designed to get members familiar and develop confidence in the movements we use in our regular class programming on a daily basis.  The program is 3 sessions in all.  On-Ramp sessions are scheduled around your availability.  At the conclusion of your On-Ramp package you are invited to join any of our class times that best fit your schedule!

Test-Out -

If you have CrossFit/Weightlifting experience and feel that an On-Ramp class does not apply to you, you can elect to “test out”.  This is a personal training session set-up with one of our coaches based on yours and the trainers availability.  During this session you will be tested on the basic primary movements needed for you to be successful within our program.  If you achieve the proper amount of performance points then you can choose to enter any class of your choice.  If the trainer feels that you need a little bit more work before joining our full on classes, then we will recommend you join the next on-ramp session.  You will be prorated the amount already paid for your test-out and simply pay the remaining balance for the On-Ramp class.  After completion you will be welcome to start in any of our classes!

Open Gym -

During open gym hours, members are encouraged to use the gym as they see fit.